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Difference Between Vapes & Vaping and Reasons to Start Vaping

Brief Introduction of Vapes & Vaping

Vapes are handheld electronic devices fabricated to produce inhalable vapor. Vape is a technological solution to nicotine and tobacco smoke dependency, where the user may choose to step down or control the nicotine consumption. Vaping is the act of inhaling & exhaling smoke-looking vapor from an electronic cigarette or Vape device e.g. vape pen or a vaporizer & it stimulates smoking but in a very low harmful manner. The exact device used for vaping is a smart battery which heats E-liquid into an inhalable vapor. There are so many nicotine free flavors of E-liquids.

Most Prominent Benefits of Vapes

Following are the most prominent benefits of Vapes:
  • E-cigarettes are not harmful because not all e-liquids contains nicotine & the vapor from an E-cigarettes don’t contain carbon monoxide or tar both harmful elements found in tobacco smoke. Vapes in Canada has huge collection of e-liquids without nicotine.
  • Vaping can’t give you popcorn lung because vapor & smoking is not a big danger factor for this disease so you may Vapes in Canada without hazel free.
  • It is pertinent to mention here that no health risk have been found regarding Second-hand vapor.
  • Studies have shown that vaping makes smoking seem attractive to youth.
  • E-Liquid contains anti-freeze because it is not poisonous.

Most Important Reasons to Start Vaping

Save Money: Vaping is generally cheaper than smoking. The cost of vaping depends on the vaping device used & the level of vaping. There is a growing range of juice flavours & its your own choice which one is better for you. Many people start with a simple pod device or a refillable tank. To Relax & Chill: We are living in the Information Technology era. We have no time to spare & our modern life is very tough now. So, to relax & chill there are many non-nicotine e-juice flavors such Black Tea which provides you relax & chill environment as well leaves you beautifully chilled. Vaping is a Good Solution to Quitting Smoking: Vaping is an alternative to smoking because quitting smoking is very tough task.
Vaping is Something Different: Vaping is something different and there are hundreds of thousands e-juice flavors to enjoy.
Vaping as a New Hobby: When you intend to quit smoking which is very difficult. So, you choose vaping as a new hobby because vaping is a good solution to quit smoking. No doubt it a good hobby which doubles as a habit.
Vaping is Less Harmful: As we know vaping is less harmful than traditional smoking also vaping is something different. Sooner you quit smoking, the quicker your body may rebound and repair itself.
Vaping is Safer than Smoking: Vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Vaporizers are minutely less hazardous than cigarettes. Vaping is the first genuine method of assisting people quit smoking.

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