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Vaping is Better Than Smoking - Vaping the Best Way to Quit Smoking

It has been observed that smokers who use e-cigs have a greater quit rate than those trying to quit cold turkey or those who use various NRTs. It is pertinent to mention here that vaping is not only an extremely popular smoking cessation aid, but that it also yields great results. A research shows that more and more smokers are opting for e-cigs as their go-to cessation aid.
It is a fact that the annual smoking cessation rate has been stuck at around 4.6% for years. While a 1.1% increase doesn’t seem much, it’s statistically relevant on a population level. It means that an additional 350,000 smokers have attempted to quit in past.

Vaping the Best Way to Quit Smoking

It is very common that the question on everyone’s mind is ‘May I use vaping to quit smoking?’ it is not an easy task, let me tell you that, but I may vouch from personal experience that it’s a heck of a lot easier than going cold turkey. An e-cigarette permits you to deliver nicotine into your organism without breathing in all the other carcinogenic compounds you get with smoking. It also offers you with a similar action to smoking – moving your hand to your mouth -, which is something that your muscle memory will be thankful for. 

Ultimately, vaping is not complicated. You just put some vape juice into your tank, press a button, and inhale. There will be a period of adjustment but which is true of everything in life. Simply think over it how better your life will be without cigarettes, and you will be on the right track to success.

Following are the most prominent reasons of vaping:

·  Affordability is the major factor in vaping because vaping is cheaper than smoking. Right, it will depend on how much you used to smoke and how much you will spend on vaping gear and vape juice, but all in all, I save around $600 every year and I could probably save more if I did not love vape mail very much.
·  Throat hit is also very prominent in vaping. Vaping is the only cessation method that allows you to enjoy throat hit even when you’re not smoking. Some smokers find it hard to say goodbye to that tingly sensation at the back of their throat. If you are one of them, no problem just use a high PG vape juice with more nicotine and you are better to go.
·  There is too much Convenience in vaping, not only are they non-prescription, it means they are available without a trip to the health office, e-cigarettes are also practical and easy to use. You may vape in a lot of places where smoking is not permitted and you never again have to worry about losing your lighter!
·  Nicotine intake reduction is surely – when you vape, you may really tweak your nicotine intake. No doubt, you will want to start with slightly stronger vape juices (9 or 12 mg) but, after a while, you may scale that back to 6 or 3 mg. Before you know it, you will be vaping on 0 mg vape juices. When that happens, you may either enjoy being part of the vaping community or quit vaping altogether – it’s your choice.
·  There is lot of flavor variety in vaping – no matter what you do, tobacco will always taste like tobacco, even if you put menthol in it. However, if you want to mix it up, vaping provides you an opportunity to try out different flavors, including desserts, fruits, and even bacon!

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