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A beginner guide to vaping | what is an e-liquid | Are e-liquid, e-juices and vape juices the same?

A beginner guide to Vaping | what is an E-liquid | Are E-liquid, E-juices, and Vape Juices the same?

E-liquid, e-juice and vape juices are all the same. An e-liquid is the most common name that is being used and has four main ingredients in it which are easily available.

What is an e-liquid?
An e-liquid is the most common name that is being used in conjunction with e-cigarettes. It contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavors, and nicotine. All e-cigarettes use e-liquid to create vapor. 
E-juices, vape juices, and e-liquids are the same?
Yes, they all are the same and do the same work. Only the names are different hence they perform the same functionalities. 
E-liquid contents
It’s important to understand what your e-liquids contain before you use them. 
The first thing is, all e-liquids contain hygroscopic components and this term means that they absorb water from the air. These are also called liquid bases. The two other main bases are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). 
The other two ingredients being used in e-liquid are nicotine and flavorings and these are dissolved into bases to finish the created liquids. 
In terms of flavors, options are endless while tobacco e liquids and menthol are popular these days due to their similarity with regular smoking. However, there are a lot of other flavors available from fruits, bakery flavors to sweets, and drinks flavors. The quality of flavoring really depends on how well the liquid is being made and how well it is being maintained. 
Nicotine is such a highly addictive chemical that hooks the people towards it. Hence it is used in vape products like e juices to keep people addicted to such drinks. There are not only nicotine drinks available in the market but also zero nicotine and nicotine-free. 
The E-liquid manufacturer process
So, as mentioned above, e-liquids contain only four components in it. So you might feel that the process is very easy to adopt?
Well, there are many manufacturers available in the market who really have such a simple process for vape liquids productivity, so the liquids they made should be avoided because they so shortcuts and do not care about the productivity, quality and sell them at very cheap rates. 

A good e-liquid will contain pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and nicotine. It will also use good flavorings and will never compromise on the taste and flavored quality at all.

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