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Do E-juices get expired?| What makes an e-liquid expired| Is it fine to vape expired vape juices.

Do E-juices get expired? | What makes an e-liquid expired | Is it fine to vape expired vape juices.

What happens when an e juice goes bad or gets expired and how will you get to know if you are using OR about to use an expired product that can affect you badly?

This is a very important question that needs to address right away!

Does E-liquids/ e-juices get expire?
The answer is yes, they do get expire. E liquids do have an expiration date and vapers need to check it every time they purchase the product or check it before they use it. Mostly the expiry date of such products is 1-2 years because they contain glycerin and propylene. Most of the changes in vape juices are because of nicotine (hyperlink) and flavoring. The aging effect depends on the liquid, older juices will have less nicotine and so with the taste. 
What makes e juices expire?
All e juices will expire given enough time. There could be many reasons that can affect and can make your juices expired fast. 
First, the flavors of e juices/ e liquids will surely affect how fast they go bad. Some flavors do get degrade faster than others. In general, fruit and kind of floral flavors lose their strength and will get change earlier than other complex flavors like custard and dough. This might make the changes in taste, but not strictly unpleasant at all. You might feel the little taste difference and could be disappointed too. 
Second, nic salts gradually get degrade nicotine does. This is just due to their chemical nature. However, e juices with no nicotine have not to worry regarding nicotine degrading at all. 
We cannot have full control over nicotine and flavors, you can take these steps to make any e juice last longer. So, if you want to preserve your e juices:
  • Open the bottle only whenever it’s needed. 
  • Don’t shake the bottle too much unnecessarily.
  • Keep in a cool and dark place. 
  • Keep it away from sunlight.

Does e juice go bad when you place it in a tank?
This is not necessary that e juice will not go bad inside the tank and not outside the tank and there are no reasons for that. You need to place it in a dark place and away from sunlight so we can consider, tanks as perfect conditions for e liquids to age quickly because they are often heated up. 
Is it fine to vape expired e juice?
Realistically, a single hit and twice will not kill you- and also this is how most of the vapers notice about their drinks that there is something wrong in the first place. However, there are still no safety measurements being done of expired e juices or e liquids. It is unclear if expired juices can be harmful, or what could actually happen if one decides to vape a lot of expired e juices.

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