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how to achieve best e juices? | e-liquid flavors| pick the right e-liquids

how to achieve the best e juices? | e-liquid flavors| pick the right e-liquids

Top five tips to achieve the best e-juices or e-liquids flavors.

So basically what we see in the market, there are two types of vape users
  1. Who want to have loaded vape cloud and don’t care about the tastes. 
  2. Who are more conscious of their e juices flavors rather than tasteless vape clouds. 
There are a lot of blogs and articles available on different websites on how to produce more vape juice but very least of them covering on flavoring. It’s all about taking a risk and passing through an error trial, only then you can achieve the best taste and hook the audience towards your products. 
Tip Number One: 
Keep it clean
Okay so the first tip is quite easy and the most important thing to keep in mind, more you clean tanks, coils more you will achieve good flavors from e-liquids. We all know that cleaning is the most important element, but people get lazy and don’t bother at all. Don’t mix your flavors too much. 
Like if you are switching from a strong tobacco e-liquid to something bit more heavy then you are not going to have good flavor. It’s good if you keep each ingredient in a separate tank and clean it daily in order to get the best out of best-flavored juices. 
Tip Number Two:
This is probably the simplest way to improve your e-liquid flavors and fun too. Hence we know that each liquid is different for others and you should be smart enough to keep balance among them and give suitable temperature until unless it gives good taste. 
Tip Number Three:
Pick the right e-liquids
E-liquids are the combination of PG and VG, and their ratio will surely depend on the type of vaper you are. If you are looking for flavors then go for e-liquids with a 50/50 mixture ratio. It also has nicotine and flavors. PG is a much better carrier than VG so if you want to get good flavor taste then a good ratio of PG is essential. 
Tip Number Four:
Airflow experiment
If you read guides available on the web, they will tell you to open your airflow as much as you can in order to produce heavy vape production. But it will give your less flavor taste. 
So in order to improve your flavors, reduce your airflow but be care full and do not reduce it too much because your liquid should not be overheated. Just do a temperature adjustment, start low and increase it gradually till you get a flavor you are happy and satisfy with. 
Tip Number Five:
Atomizer is important
Having a good atomizer plays an important role in maximizing flavors in your favorite e-liquids. 
Everyone has different tastes and preferences in flavors and so they try different wattage, temperature, and airflow settings in order to achieve different and good flavored e-liquids.

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