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Nicotine free e juice | Nicotine ratio | Nicotine strength | why is there nicotine in E juice

Nicotine free e juice | Nicotine ratio | Nicotine strength | why is there nicotine in E juice

What are nicotine free e juices and how you can achieve them as such an important thing that needs to be understood? Is vaping better or worse than smoking and why.

Nicotine free e juices are simply the cape juices that have no highly addictive chemical nicotine. Hence, such juices contain all other ingredients like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and food flavoring. 
However, nic free OR nicotine-free juices play an important role to quit cigarettes. 
Here is the complete detail you need to know about nic free juices. 
Nicotine is used in cigarettes?
Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical and it is used in cigarettes to keep smokers, smoking. 
In 1998 and again 2017 big tobacco companies release details on it and described hope they are successful in getting people hooked to cigarettes. 
Manufactures increase the amount of tobacco while making cigarettes and remakes the cigarettes to get a high quantity of nicotine in it so people get more addicted to their vape products. The more nicotine you put in cigarettes the more people get addicted. 
Why is there nicotine in e juice?
Nicotine is such a highly addictive chemical that hooks the people towards it. Hence it is used in vape products like e juices to keep people addicted to such drinks. 
Such people get withdrawal symptoms and these symptoms vary from person to person. Once you take nicotine, after 3 to 4 hours you will start craving a hit and after 24 hours to 48 hours, headache is normal as the nicotine is being flushed from your system. On the third day, nicotine withdrawal symptoms will be at their worst and after weeks you will feel anxiety and depression. But after a while, your dependence on nicotine begins too much. 
Nicotine strengths
E-juice comes in various nicotine strengths so you can gradually lower it from 50mg to 0mg to free nicotine lifestyle. With freebase e-juices available in 12mg, 24mg, 6mg, 3mg, and 0mg and hence nic juices available in 50mg to 35mg. You should be smart enough to get the right nicotine level for your nicotine craving in order to start a new journey. The journey of cigarette free and nicotine-free. 
This is the reason why e-juices, e-liquids, and vape juices have nicotine. 
How do nicotine free e juices help with nicotine withdrawals?
There is various type of vape devices and e juices that people have been using over the years. Vaping technologies basically heats up the chemicals so the high addictive chemical like nicotine has not the same effect as nicotine present in cigarettes. 
This does not mean that all e-juices have nicotine. A lot of vapes manufacturers make 0mg vape juice Or nicotine free e juice. 
0mg vape juice means that the same drink with no nicotine in it or nicotine-free. Whereas there is no difference in the taste, it just the same juice but not additional nicotine in it. It means you can get rid of nicotine gradually like you can drink your favorite drink by reducing the amount of nic salt from 6mg to 3mg a then finally 0mg vape juices. 
Nicotine is necessary to be in vape juices for past smokers to make that transformation from addictive smokers to smoke-free.

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