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What happens when e juice goes bad | Factors you need to keep in mind.

What happens when e juice goes bad | Factors you need to keep in mind.

Here are the factors that indicate if your e juice or vape liquid goes bad or harmful to use.

There are many factors of the products that will indicate if your drink is reliable to use and if there are no harmful effects still. 
The factors you need to keep in mind: 
  1. Color changes:  E juices contain nicotine so they will get darken over time because of the chemicals present in the ingredients and this is a very normal reaction. Nicotine itself goes through the process of oxidation in which it changes its form because of the chemical reaction with oxygen. In this process, it gets darker and the as same the e juice also. So if your liquid starts getting darker or changes colors, then it’s probably the right time to change your liquid because it somehow affects your body badly.
  2. Thickness:  Generally, vapers must know that e juice does not come in too thick form, so if it gets much thicker than it originally was, has probably gone bad and not good enough to drink the same liquid anymore and you need to replace your vape drink for now. 
  3. Smell and tastes:  Vape juices should smell fresh and nice whenever you open a bottle. However, flavors do degrade with time but they should smell enough good to drink. But if you feel that e juice doesn’t taste and smell like before, then the flavors have gone bad and it is time to find e juices for yourself or need to replace your drink right away. 
  4. Nicotine content:  Because nicotine degrades over time, so its amount in the e-liquid will also decrease with time. As a result, your drink will taste bad and change. 
Separation:  Last but not the least, another very important factor is separation. Like other products, e-juices / vape liquids are made of different ingredients and their ingredients might get separate over time. When the juices are too old, it might get separate and may not get together no matter how much it is shaken before drinking it. The reason for the separation of ingredients could be the use of crystalized flavors that do not dissolve with heat, mixing, and shaking. So, at that point, it could be risky to use such e-liquid drinks because they can have bad effects on your body.

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