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Juul Vapes as smoking cessation tool

Juul vapes have especially been designed as smoking cessation tool. Simple design and ease of use make them ideal alternative for traditional cigarettes.


Our love for smoking is not new, and it is growing even more through time. There are many means of smoking out there like cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, pipes, etc. The cigarette is by far the most famous mean of smoking for centuries for its ease of use and availability.

Harmful effect of smoking:

The basic reason for smoking is the nicotine it contains. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance found in different plant species. Tobacco is the most used plant species for smoking instruments. For centuries cigarette is the main source of our nicotine needs. But to get this nicotine out of the tobacco and insert it in our system, the main procedure is to burn the dry leaves and inhale the smoke. Smoke from the burning tobacco leaves not only contains nicotine but a lot of toxic elements that can cause cancer and other fatal diseases. But since we get to know the harmful effects the smoke does to our body, we are inventing a better way for nicotine intake.

Smoking cessation therapy:

It is not easy to just quit once you develop the habit of nicotine intake in your body. Because of this difficulty, for smoking cessation, there are a lot of tools and methods out there. We can find nicotine patches, nicotine gums, and other tools to help us transition from the harmful effect of smoking to a better option.

E-cigarettes & Vapors:

E-cigarettes also are known as vaporizers is an electronic device invented as an alternative for cigarettes and a better way for nicotine intake. Instead of smoke from the burning leaves, e-cigarettes generate vapors from the liquid nicotine.  

How E-cigarettes work:

There are three main parts of e-cigarettes, liquid container, atomizer, and a battery source. From the help of battery source atomizer in an e-cigarette heat the vape juice to generate vapors. These vapors are pure toxins free nicotine, far better on lungs than smoke.

E-cigarettes vs traditional cigarette:

Many clinical trials prove that e-cigarettes are a much healthier option than traditional cigarettes. Smoke from the regular cigarette contains 7000 chemicals most of them are toxic. Regular smoking can cause serious health problems and harmful diseases like cancer of mouth and lungs. It is said that the life expectancy of a regular smoker is ten years less than the nonsmoker.

Juul Vapes:

It is better to choose the best when your health is involved. When it comes to e-cigarette Juul is the most famous brand in the market. Juul devices are specially designed for a regular smoker who wants a healthier option or slowly gets rid of this non-healthy habit. Juul vapes as a smoking cessation tool is one of the best you can find.

Juul vapes vs other e-cig:

There are many good reasons to choose Juul vapes over other vapes some of them are as follows.
Juul Vapes
Other Vapes
Contains almost same the amount of nicotine as cigarettes to help regular smokers.
Contains less nicotine, difficult to adjust by regular smokers
Use nicotine salt in vape juice thus give a similar taste as a traditional cigarette
Mostly freebase nicotine is used
Small in size almost like a USB device easy to carry and use almost like a regular cigarette
Most of them are big and not easy to carry around
Designed as simple and user friendly
A lot of functions, complicated for new user
Especially design for regular smokers in mind
Designed as regular e-cigarette

 Juul vapes as a smoking cessation tool:

When it comes to smoking cessation therapy Juul vapes are ideal. It is designed to give you a similar experience as traditional cigarettes in a healthy way. Small size, friendly design, easy to carry, and a good amount of nicotine make it perfect for transitional smokers.   

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